Art is something that touches the soul and nourishes the heart, art
can be interpreted in many forms but the best form is finding the
hidden soul in yourself and throwing it out on the canvas. Not
everyone can understand the true meaning of something drawn
somewhere, the one who matches there soul with it can only really
perceive the hidden meanings behind the paint, true painters believe
that whatever they draw or paint is never planned, they just set up
the canvas, they start from anywhere and they always end up
making a billion dollar painting. Some of the paintings just stands for
themselves, they are like independent and they don’t need to be
heard for who painted them? They tell a story to people on there
own stand. Some of like these remarkable paintings are jotted down

 Mona Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci)
 The Starry Night (Vincent van Gogh.)
 The Last Supper ( Leonardo da Vinci)
 Girl with pearl earring (Johannes Vermeer,)
 Guernica (Pablo Picasso)
 The night watch ( Rembrandt van Rijn.)
 The persistence of memory (Salvador Dalí)
 The kiss (Gustav Klimt)
 Sistine chapel ceiling (Michelangelo)



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