The advancing modern technology has its immense benefits but they
too carry their harmful side effects. How many hours do you spend
daily on your electronic devices? Almost the whole day right, on our
laptops on our mobile phones and tablets. Each moment of that time
is damaging our eyes. The substance that is causing such damage is
knows as the blue light.
Light itself is made up of many spectrums, the damage they do
depends on there wave length. The harmful ones are the ones we
can perceive such as indigo, blue, yellow, red etc. blue light is the
one having the shortest wave length hence being the most harmful,
it contains unlimited and many unfound harmful effects.
Some of them are listed below.

o Damages the circadian rhythm, the routine of sleep.

o Damages the eyes permanently, may lead to vision loss too


o You get more exposed to cancer

o Risk of diabetes, obesity and heart diseases

o More eyes problems such as blurry vision, headaches,
difficulty in focusing on things etc.

We can assume that blue light is destroying our future with our
health. Whats the point of all this technology when ifs destroying us
and when it cant even find a compensation of the mess it creates?


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