Beaches are the luxury for everyone who wants to relax and take their time to inhale the greatness of the sea. In this way, finding the perfect beach to travel and relax is the first goal for every tourist.
However, this goal can be quite challenging, because every beach has its own beauty and we cannot leave anything behind. So, we have list of the must-visit beaches which make your traveling decision easier:
 Navagio: the wonderful island of Zakyntho, Greece has the heaven like Navagio beach which
is considered as the magnificent beach in the world.

 Whitehaven beach: as per the name, the white sand of this beach makes the Australia
wonderful place to visit.

 El Nido: if you want to visit lush flora, exotic view of the white beach, crystal clear blue water
and don’t forget about lagoons, then the island of Palawan in Philippine perfect place for you.

 Baia do Sancho: do you want some adventure, the exotic view of this beach also offers the
steep ladder as well as the wonderful path which challenge you to conquer them like no one did. If yes, visit the Fernando to reach at this beach while visiting Brazil.

 Grace Bay: the white sands of the Grace Bay offers the plenty of relaxation. Either you want
to visit it with the family or just need some time alone, the beach is perfect for you. You can take the surreal view while taking a ride on the boat which enhances your sense of adventure.



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