Travelling is a act that each individual undergoes at some
point of his/hers life. It can be a moment of cherishes or of
grief, it depends on how much information you have of
travelling. When you move from one city to other then its
different, you know your country and customs but when its
on international levels then things get different.
The first thing you need to learn is there languages and
customs, now no one can learn a proper language in matter
of weeks or months. So its important to know some basic
languages like english and even if you don’t have the time to
address that. Then you may use some tips and tricks that we
have noted down below, that may help you in a peaceful
 Learn at least 10 to 15 basic and important words such
as hi, hello etc
 Be kind and welcoming to people
 Try to speak with gestures
 Always carry something to write on, so you can maybe
draw and converse
 If you can arrange for a person that will translate, its
well and good and even if you cant, just download a
translation app
 Always carry business cards and hotel cards
 Stay away from weird looking people

To travel anywhere you always need to be extra aware of the
surroundings, you should trust your instincts when you feel
danger, always try to stay close to your hotel. This way you
can enjoy a peaceful and happy trip.



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